CBD Pet Tincture (125mg) – Small Animal


Our CBD Pet Tincture provides your pet with rapid relief from pain, discomfort, anxiety, and stress all while promoting the well-being of your beloved pet.



With our CBD Pet Tincture, you can share the benefits you appreciate from our full spectrum CBD tinctures with your furry four-legged friends! Whether they get anxious when you’re out, having joint or pain issues, or you simply want to help boost their overall well-being, our pet oil tinctures promote a healthy heart, immune system, and fur coat.

Adding CBD oil to your dog’s daily routine can complement everyday wellness, maintain a sense of calm, manage signs of daily stress, and support physical comfort.

Click Here for a printable animal reflexology and suggested dosage guide based on weight.

Combine our pet tinctures with an assortment of recipes online to make the experience better for everyone! Here is one we suggest!

Contains 0.00-0.03% THC. Must be 21 years old or older to purchase.