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A little bit about Violet’s Miracle – Violet’s Miracle is dedicated to providing quality hemp derived products for the betterment of the health of our customers. We strive to give you the best CBD products for your health and wellness. Our proprietary extraction methods have been developed and refined over our 6 years of extracting and we provide 3rd party lab results on every product.

Violet’s Miracle was founded to help one little girl get through an exceedingly difficult time in her life. She was not given much time to live and with the help of Violet’s Miracle CBD hemp oil, she not only beat the odds, but she is thriving to this day on only a daily dose of hemp oil. We have also developed a line of Award Winning CBD Salves.

Most companies use whatever oil they can find on the market for their products

Violet’s Miracle oil is a proprietary blend of multiple different hemp phenotypes. Since any 1 hemp strain can contain only 46 cannabinoids, our blended oil is rich in minors other single strain oils cannot compete with, backed up with a multi layered filtration system that filters down to .45 microns (most in the industry are 1 micron.) This gives us a superior, cleaner oil that crystalizes (CBD) in the containers.

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Since 2019, after Violet’s Miracle moved to Avondale Colorado, we have been growing our own hemp lines. We take pride in using organic growing methods on our farm. We are working towards organic certification – this is a process that takes quite some time and effort. Our strains are hand selected by our team for terpene profile and their effects on the body. We hand trim all our smokable flower and cure the buds for 30 days or more prior to market. This assures our customers of a smoother draw and increased flavor.

We at Violet’s Miracle, are all about providing quality, consistent hemp, and CBD products so that our clients can address their wellness with the best products they can find. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the community and look forward to a bright future!

Please come see us at our store in Pueblo, Colorado and let us help you find the right CBD product for you!